More than a decade as photojournalist, it is my duty to let the readers – whether they are thousands of miles away or just down the street - to vicariously feel and experience the scene behind the news, through the colors, dynamism, vividness and explicit action of my pictures.

My unique talent of capturing the essence of a moment makes people stop on their tracks and take notice of what my pictures are trying to say. Through my photographs, I stop the passage of time by grabbing a piece of    history and preserving it for the future. I have been trained to see the unseen and the beauty in the most humdrum scenes thus even a run-of-the–mill scene will turn out to be a sight to behold through my lenses.

I consider myself not just a photojournalist clicking away to provide news to the readers, but also an artist with my camera serving both as my brush and canvass to entertain and to enrapture the patrons.

Photographs have power - a power that compliments, yet often transcends the written word. Rudolf’s unique talent to capture the essence of a moment in time, made him an award-winning photographer.